The Ultimate Reference Book with 436 pages and over 500 photos!

Now in his 70’s, with more than 60 years of weight training experience, Frank has done it all. Leveraging advanced degrees from 3 universities and a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Frank combined brains and brawn to win all of bodybuilding’s major titles: Mr. America, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe (3 times).

This manual is chock-full of exercise routines for beginners, intermediates, and physique competitors as well as detailed instructions on posing. Included are training routines for children, adults and seniors, plus – as an ADDED BONUS – Christine Zane’s Feminine Physique Course.

In addition to exercise routines, the reader will get many tasty recipes along with advice on adding amino acids, vitamins, minerals and “super foods” to your daily routine. Finally, Frank addresses the psychology of personal growth and stress management, along with revealing the meditation techniques he has used to develop his winning attitude.

With over 400+ pages of time-tested information complemented by over 500+ images, the Zane Bodybuilding Manual is sure to be your most complete and valuable bodybuilding resource.

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