91 Day Wonder Body Bundle


The 91 Day Wonder Body Bundle includes Frank Zane’s 91 Day Wonder Body Book and his Train with Zane Training DVD which shows you the exact form of all the exercise movements and stretches that Frank uses in his own workouts and that he teaches in his Zane Experience private training program. It’s the next best thing to being there.


Kris Wallace I’m on Day 11. The diversity and depth of the 91 Day Program has made all the difference in my confidence and outlook. Physical, philosophical, pragmatic and poetic: that’s how I’d describe this journey to my wonder body. Frank is, in effect, with the reader every time they go to the gym. That’s priceless.
Rudy Bernal I’m on day 53 and I’ll tell you I feel like Frank is training me every step of the way!!!I really enjoy the program.
Ward Gilson I’m on day 47 today, it has changed the way I look at things for sure. The posing and stretching have really helped. I’m definitely building some symmetry.
Dillon Jones I’m on day 4 now, taking things slow in terms of volume so far but the full body workouts are pretty great, feeling very sore! about to go for my cardio today now!

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