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Deep relaxation which leads to recuperation from workouts is the most neglected factor of the bodybuilding equation. Many do not realize that the body only grows during complete rest. This happens in sleep, especially the first four hours. I tack on another one or two hours to this during the night and then do a deep relaxation technique for one half to one full hour during the afternoon or early evening.

The biggest obstacle to overcome in practicing these “manual” meditation and visualization techniques (no apparatus or equipment is required) is to keep doing them every
day without fail. Most people who take up meditation and learn
to do it don’t continue to practice on a regular basis, so not much progress is made. Do you think you could build your body if you only trained sporadically? It’s the same with acquiring the relaxation response from meditation. Use it or lose it.

I realized the importance of meditation at an early age and have been practicing it for over 50 years but not on an extremely regular basis. The effects are wonderful, but there’s the effort of “not doing, shutting your mind off, mastering the art of boredom” that is a constant challenge.

Our minds keep talking to us, shaping our perception of our world, entertaining us. Is there an easier way to overcome this barrier? Training the brain to produce the relaxation response in the body as being analogous to a workout to build your muscles. I call it “Building Mind Muscle.”

You can build your muscles without using weights, doing pushups, chin ups, leg raises, one legged squats and calf raises…but it’s not easy. If you use weight training equipment, barbells, dumbbells, and Meditation Machines you will acquire superior development much more quickly.

Using audio tracks and a Mind Muscle Machine is like modern weight training compared to training the muscles without weights. Training the muscles without weights is analogous to meditation which involves no equipment. I’m not saying “manual” meditation isn’t good, it just isn’t easy, especially to keep doing it for extended periods of time. It’s much easier when you meditate with audio tracks intended to relax the body, stimulate the brain, and implant positive suggestions. Combine the recordings with a Mind Muscle Machine and you have a powerful “Mind Gym” to use and get the benefits of mediation and visualization.

I’ve been using different electronic devices which combine light and sound for more than 20 years. They rely on “entrainment” or “frequency following response”; 

  • When resonant or vibrating systems come in contact with a stronger vibrating stimulus ,they get in sync with it and follow it.
  • Nature’s creations (except man) and mechanical vibrating systems use it naturally as a means to conserve energy.
  • But when a light/sound stimulus is introduced, these systems align with it and adopt a common denominator frequency according to the frequency following response of physics.
  • The Mind Muscle Machines glasses have LED lights on the inside, so that with closed eyelids you experience a kaleidoscopic light show in sync with a pulsating sound.
  • Faster frequencies tend to stimulate alertness (beta waves 14 to 30 pulses per second), medium frequencies (alpha waves 8 to 13 pulses per second) enhance relaxation and visualization, slower frequencies
(theta and delta waves 7 down to 0.5
pulses per
second) bring on drowsiness.
  • I use
d green 
LED for a soothing/
relaxing effect. So depending on
what behavioral effect I’m looking for, I use the machine programs for falling asleep, meditating and visualizing, increasing alertness, or managing stress. I often ride stationary bike with one to make the time go quicker.

We have begun marketing a new unit we call Frank Zane’s Mind Muscle Meditation Machine. It is one of the most advanced audio visual stimulation devices available. It is compact and very easy to use. The glasses and earphone block out external light and sound so it is a great traveling companion to keep you relaxed on trains, planes, and automobiles (but not while driving).

There are two Frank Zane Mind Muscle Meditation bundles available one comes with “eyes closed” glasses and the other one features both the “eyes closed” and also “eyes open” – Zane Experience Glasses. I especially like the Zane Experience Glasseswhich are used with eyes open and produces brilliant colors while listening to relaxing/ stimulating audio tracks. The regular glasses are used with eyes closed.

It has 69 built in programs designed to accelerate, meditate, mind art for visualization, night voyage for sleep and dreaming, rejuvenation, and trance formation. I am more impressed with this machine than any I’ve use before and highly recommend it.
I’ve received requests to teach meditation from people and to them I say ‘get one of these units.

You can check them out here: Frank Zane’s Mind Muscle Meditation Machine.

You can also learn more about meditation, mantras and mindset in my newest book Zane Bodybuilding Manual which is the Ultimate reference guide.

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The Zane Whey Way

I’ve used a lot of protein supplements in my day. For me they have been super food meal replacements. It’s quick and easy to make a protein drink and get up to 40 grams of protein along with a proper amount of carbs as fiber. Sipping it slowly satisfies my appetite and has become my lunch. I simply put one heaping scoop full of my protein in a mix of water with a splash of half and half with a handful of berries and shake it up. And I don’t get hungry until dinner time a good 4 hours later.

Zane Whey Plus

My earliest exposure to protein supplements was Hoffman’s Super High Protein tablets I took when I was 15 years old. I’d saved up to buy them and started taking 10 pills a day when, after a week, I started breaking out in boils. This wasn’t what I paid for so I stopped. Then came Fearn’s Soy Protein in the 1960. It was inexpensive and it worked but it wasn’t the best. I was teaching school in Pennsylvania where there were dairies and I could buy raw milk which I’d mix with the protein. It gave me mucous in the upper respiratory tract so after I left Pa., I
stopped using it.

Then came Blair’s Protein in the late 1960s. I read in Iron Man Magazine that my idol Larry Scott was on the Rheo Blair protein and cream diet. I had to try it and when I got to California summer 1969 I found a regular supply in Arnold’s cupboard. It was rumored that Sergio Olivia was using it too.

We’d have a protein drink, rest an hour and then work out at Gold’s Gym getting an amazing pump. Blair’s was a milk and egg protein, the highest biological value proteins. I grew muscle from it, but did not become more defined, not until I dropped the protein drinks and supplemented with free form amino acids. I did this the last month before competition.

After Blair’s protein, came Met Rx which I used when I got in peak condition at age 50. It came in two bottles, Plus was a high protein milk protein, and Base had more carbs. The idea was to mix a scoop of each but I used a 2 to 1 ratio of mixing more Plus than Base so I got higher protein content. After a few years the proteins were mixed together into one product which I used up until a few years ago. One problem with it was if I had more than one protein drink a day constipation ensured. I hated that bound up feeling so I came out with a simple egg white protein called “ Cutting Edge” followed by “Egg White Perfection” which was pure egg albumen with lots of free form L-Glutamne added. It was a great product, but the cost to produce was very high forcing us to charge $65 for a 2 pound container. The one thing I did not like about egg white protein was it was high in sodium but low in calcium. The opposite of what it should be. I needed a calcium source for nutritional balance since I don’t drink milk or eat yogurt, only a few ounces of cheese a day. Where could I find such a protein supplement? Then resolution appeared.

Zane Whey Plus is a delicious muscle building protein creation! It is the best I’ve ever tasted! A wide variety of muscle building ingredients promote muscular hypertrophy, energy for hard workouts, and a sense of well being. Gluten free with an optimum ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine branched chain ami-nos, Glutamine peptides, protein subfractions, and milk ratio of fatty acids, make Zane Whey Plus the perfect bodybuilding supplement.

High protein, low carbs it tastes like dessert! It mixes instantly with any liquid in a shaker and is the best quickest meal replacement one can take. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate it features Mi-cro filtration/bio active compounded whey protein concentrates. A true muscle building whey protein with whey concentrate, whey isolates, and caseinates. Spray dried homogenized milk: A most unique milk protein, with a complete amino acid profile, specifically manufactured to provide the body with a sustained released protein and amino acids. This milk protein has a superior amino acid profile. Optimum Ratio of branched chain amino acids and glutamine. My experiments revealed what ratio of leucine, valine, and isoleucine worked best to build solid muscle mass.

The BCAA’s and glutamine peptides in this product are pharmaceutical grade. Essential fatty acids including omega 3 and omega 6, medium chain triglycerides, flaxseed and borage oils with Soluble fiber complex for digestive enhancement.

Try some. You will love it!

Zane Whey Plus is specially-formulated with an optimum ratio of branched chain amino-acids for support of lean muscle. It is the perfect supplement for bodybuilders or anyone looking for a high protein, low carb amino supplement. It also contains fiber and probiotics to promote good digestive health and easy absorption.

It is a proprietary whey protein blend that is gluten free and mixes instantly with any liquid in a shaker or blender. It is a high quality, quick meal replacement that tastes like dessert. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate, this protein blend really satisfies!

  • Protein-Packed- contains 25 grams of protein in each serving
  • Supports Lean Muscle Tissue with 5 grams of BCAAs and Glutamine
  • Smooth, Delicious Taste– creamy, not chalky
  • Promotes Good Digestive Health and Absorbs Easily- contains fiber and probiotics


“In more than 60 years of weight training, I have tried many, many protein supplements. I have found that this protein blend works best for me!”

– Frank Zane
3X Mr. Olympia, 3X Mr. Universe, former Mr. World and Mr. America


The Golden Age Of Gains

At 75 years old, Frank Zane still looks impressive, and he’s full of fresh advice gained from a lifetime spent in pursuit of perfection. Read his latest thoughts on what you need to keep your body fit for the long haul.
There are legends in every sport, and Frank Zane represents the upper echelon of lifters. He’s an anomaly whom many agree had the best-looking body ever. Unlike today’s 250-300-pound bodybuilding champions, Zane never tipped the scales at more than 200 pounds in his competitive prime. Yet he earned three Mr. Olympia titles and is one of the few men to snatch a victory from Arnold.