Repetition by Frank Zane

Repetition is the basis of learning. We count repetitions of each set we do in our workouts to keep track of the effort we exerted. By knowing how many reps we can do with a particular weight enables us to choose our poundages on each set we perform. Keeping track of the weights, sets, and reps is how we can ascertain how we are progressing in our workouts.

How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2020

Are you looking to get back in shape and lose a few pounds? Are you looking to gain muscle past midlife?
Are you a competitor seeking your Pro Card or a Personal Trainer looking to increase your training knowledge and skills? No matter where you are on your fitness journey, I want to help you hit each and every one of your goals.

Practicing Safe Sets

You lessen your chance of injury when you practice safe sets. How do you do this?

What You Say Is What You Get

Your speech can become self-fulfilling prophecy. The truth is we shape our lives, invent our future body by our attitude: what we think, say, and do. Everybody knows how difficult it is to build your body. So why put obstacles in your way?

What are the Best Holiday Gifts for Bodybuilders

Wondering what to get the bodybuilder in your life for Christmas?

Check out Frank Zane, 3X Mr. Olympia’s  TOP 10 GIFTS for BODYBUILDERS here.

Check out the recommendations below and check out our holiday deals to find the best holiday gifts for the bodybuilder in your life.

  1. Reference Books & Training Materials – Bodybuilders love to learn tips, training advice and new workouts, especially from those that have been there and achieved great success.  Frank Zane’s book High Def Body is a complete bodybuilding reference manual for weight training, nutrition and motivation programs for beginners through advanced trainees. You won’t find this much holistic information in one book anywhere.  Over 330 pictures. Use Coupon Code BTB and get 10% off.  High Def Body Book by Frank Zane
  2. Bodybuilding Apparel – There’s nothing quite like the bodybuilders of the Golden Era and Frank Zane’s T-shirt celebrates the pose that made him a champion.  This T-shirt sells out every year so you want to order yours early.  Order 2 T-shirts and automatically get $6.00 off!  Legendary Zane T-Shirt
  3. Legendary Training Tips & Advice – The 2017 Autographed Commemorative Building the Body Magazine by Frank Zane brings together all the essential elements for success in bodybuilding and reflects what Frank has been doing over the last 60 years. This Limited Edition – 2017 Building the Body Autographed Commemorative Issue makes a great gift for you or anyone on your gift list!
  4. Training Videos & DVD’s – Frank Zane’s Train with Zane DVD makes a great gift!  Your favorite bodybuilder can learn the exact form of all the exercise movements and stretches that Frank Zane uses in his own workouts and teaches in the Zane Experience program. It’s the next best thing to being there. Use Coupon Code BTB and get 10% off. Train with Zane DVD
  5. Commemorative Autographed Collectibles – Frank Zane’s autographed photos make a great gift for any bodybuilder on your list.  There are several to choose from and many bodybuilders collect them. Use Coupon Code BTB and get 10% off. Frank Zane Autographed Photos
  6. Complete Training Programs with Books & DVD – Frank Zane’s Ultimate Holiday Bundle contains all of Frank’s Best Selling Books and his Train with Zane DVD.  All items in the bundle are autographed and is sure to put a smile on the face of that special bodybuilder.  This is only available during the holidays and sells out every single time.  Get Yours Today!  Zane Holiday Bundle
  7. Bodybuilder Supplements – Most bodybuilders utilize supplements to help them build muscle.  Frank’s best-selling supplements include his Super Sports Amino Acid, L-Glutamine and Vita-Minz Plus Supplements.  These are worth their weight in gold and help bodybuilders to make the ultimate progress in building muscle mass. Use Coupon Code BTB and get 10% off. 
  8. Ways to get 6 Pack ABS – The abdominal muscles seem to be the hardest area for most bodybuilders to get definition.  Frank Zane is a master at showing you the  step-by-step instructions for abdominal exercises and stretches as well as recommendations for aerobic exercise and diet tweaks that, when combined , can get you the sculpted abs you desire . This book gives you the instruction you need every day for a full three months; all organized into progressive routines which get more challenging as you get stronger. Use Coupon Code BTB and get 10% off.   91 Day Wonder ABS Book   
  9. Step-by-Step Training Programs – A Great gift for any bodybuilder, personal trainer, or someone striving to get fit!   Frank’s 91 Day Wonder Body book will give them the day-by-day and step-by-step workouts, diet tips and mental techniques to get you there. This book provides space for them to log their workout and record their progress each and every day and it’s great for both males and females alike. Use Coupon Code BTB and get 10% off.   91 Day Wonder Body Book
  10. One-on-One Training – The ULTIMATE GIFT!!  By working with Frank in a Zane Experience Program, your favorite bodybuilder will get a rare opportunity to be personally trained by a legendary bodybuilding champion and fitness icon who was named “The Best Physique Ever” by Muscle & Fitness Magazine and came as close as you can to physical perfection.  All of the Zane Experience programs below are held at Frank Zane’s private training studio in the San Diego area.In his Zane Experience Programs, Frank provides an individually tailored Zane Experience designed to help bodybuilders get in top shape and help them, meet their specific body development goals and/or competitive goals.  Check them out here.  Train with Zane