Building the Body Quarterly is published

 Pictured is Frank at age 50 appearing on the back cover of Building the Body Quarterly magazine.
The Autumn 2010 issue Building the Body Quarterly has just been mailed to subscribers.  I really like this issue, the first one to have color inside and outside full color covers.  Printed on high gloss paper the quality of reproduction is superb.
Here’s what’s contained within:
  1. It’s Good to Be Back – I’m back to regular training 4 months after surgery with a few restrictions (no overhead pressing or barbell exercises, mainly light to moderate dumbbells and machines.)  Christine and I are training 4 or 5 times a week working upper body one day and legs the next.
  2. Should You Deadlift? Drawing on my experience I relate how to safely employ top deadlifts to thicken and widen the back.
  3. Robert Kennedy Improves – He writes his own story with before and after photos and tells how he packed on pounds of muscle.
  4. Mr. Olympia 1980 – Here’s my take on what happened in the most controversial of all the Mr. Olympia competitions and what I learned.
  5. Nutrition Q and A – Emails from readers pose interesting questions.
  6. Mr. Olympia 2010 – Had a great time attending my first Mr. O in several years in Las Vegas, celebrated Joe Weider’s 90th birthday, all the Mr. Olympias were presented onstage, and it was a great expo at the convention center.
  7. The Greek Gets Great – How Anthony Eliopulos (the Greek) trained to get into terrific shape.
  8. Biceps Tendonopothy – Dr. James Phillips explains what it is and how to treat and avoid it.
  9. Ernest Eagleheart on Cloud 9 – Ernest’s grandmother teaches him about the range of human emotions and how to feel better more often.
  10. Dennis Tinerino – Lots of photos from the five years I competed with this great champion before his passing away, he is missed.
Lots of great photos make this one of the best issues ever.  If you don’t already subscribe consider it; you get Frank’s viewpoint on training, nutrition, mind science and motivation without having to wade through endless advertising as in other muscle magazines.        Building the Body is free of paid ads and filled with factual information.  Subscribe with a friend and receive 5 issues instead of 4 for $24 a year.
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  1. john-d123
    john-d123 says:

    Hi Frank,
    It's great that your shoulder is doing so well, it sounds like your workouts are enjoyable again – Onwards and Upwards!
    Lately, I'm struck by a natural parallel between Nutrition and Training – as one gets older. Less is More. You've indicated that, as the years advance, one should instinctively eat less volume but with more emphasis on "nutritional density" and workouts quite naturally fall into the same pattern – less frequency, but more quality and intense concentration. So, Nature is very reasonable, it always asks for the appropriate Balance. A little poison cures, a lot – kills… We're forever adjusting the wheel – like driving down a narrow highway, otherwise, we'd soon find ourselves on the shoulder and in the ditch. It seems that Change, is the only constant…
    I loved your latest issue of BTB, and I have about 25 others to compare it by! Outstanding. Both Olympia reports, behind the scenes, were quite riveting. People have no idea of what you went through before the "Sydney Affair". This was surely a crucible in your development. I remember the spotty coverage back in 1980, trying to read between the lines, but with this concise report, you've set the record straight for the history books. I won't spoil it for the readers… It's always refreshing to get your candid, first person account on our sport. Stay Well!

  2. yrrej
    yrrej says:

    I sort parcels for a certain mailing company for a living. I've been doing about 2 hours of this a day for 15 years or so. It's quite a strain on the lower back given the inability to lift the parcels out of the hampers with good form, and they may weigh as much as 70 pounds, although most are much less of course. I'm 57 years old and have avoided dead lifts, as my lower back has occasionally started getting sore in the last year or so after so much abuse. Also I have been diagnosed with sciatica due to a slipped disc over 10 years ago, but I manage it by watching my form at work. I'd never thought of the top dead lifts, as I've rarely seen anyone in the gym doing them. This is something I can look into.

    Also, reading your info has already inspired me to start watching my diet more closely, as well as some of the other nutritional studies I've read, such as the 'paleolithic diet'. Of course, I'm sure we can do better with supplements, and I'm "feeling" my way ahead.

  3. joe
    joe says:

    Hey Frank I bought a muscle mag at age 14 and they did an article on you, I have been hooked on working out ever since. That been 38 years now. Thanks Frank, for all you have offered us.

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