Frank Zane published his Building the Body quarterly magazine 4 times a year beginning with the first issue in Autumn, 1998.  Each issue contained articles written by Frank himself along with contributions from other bodybuilding and fitness experts as well as his clients and fans.

While a magazine subscription is no longer available, below you will find links to purchase electronic copies of back issues of the magazine in eBook format through Amazon.  Each issue is filled with Frank’s wisdom and wit and will help you on your journey to sculpt your body and physique.

Building the Body: 2007 – Spring

What Now? Goals, workouts, diet and motivation for 2007. Frank’s plan for a greater peak.

Arnold Classic 2007: What went down at the biggest show in town.

A Jason Hay Cartoon: events at Arnold Classic.

The Florida Years—the real beginning of Frank’s professional bodybuilding career.

The Role of Blood in the Body— Since we all have the same amount of blood, big isn’t best by Joel Giacobbe.

What’s a Man to Do?
a medical perspective on exercise and hormones by Craig Fisher M.D.

4 Levels of the Aging Process — Live longer and healthier by Ed Kellogg PhD

Frankly Speaking what’s true and new.

Building the Body: 2007 – Summer

Beginning the Routine — Coming back from a layoff

Most Illustrious Mr. Olympia — Frank critiques a magazine article.
Dave Draper Recovers from Heart Surgery

Dog Days—Lucy, Bob, Christine and Frank head for the mountains.

How Long is Longevity? Get the recent facts on living healthier and longer.

Mind over Muscle — Placebo boosts health benefits of exercise.

Almonds: Benefits for bodyweight, heart health.

Frankly Speaking on the present and plans for the future.

Building the Body: 2007 – Autumn

1) Joe Weider Day Bodybuilding Legends meet in Sacramento July 9th.

2) Frank’s Training Update—The scoop on recent workouts & diet.

3) Future of the Body — A new paradigm for bodybuilding lifespan.
Visualization, Affirmation, Body Transformation New Mind Muscle Machine & Body Transformation CDs Train Your Brain, relax your muscles and build the Energy Body.

4) Miracles with Music — After a morning of heavy lifting, the evening filled with good vibrations at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Concert.

5) Symmetry — Here’s what it is and how to improve it.

6) Don’t Bulk Up! In a hurry to get big? It’s best to grow slow.

7) Anatomy Teacher keeps training and gaining.

8) Ask the Doctor—A different theory of aging and how to use it to your advantage.

9) Exercise is Rejuvenating Muscle weakness and signs of aging reversed

10) Frankly Speaking — What’s new, what’s coming up.

Building the Body: 2007 – Winter

This issue explains how I trained for my peak in detail. Following a 3 way split: pushing muscles, legs, pulling muscles, I trained a day and rested two days the last two weeks preceding photos and tensed the muscles a lot instead. My legs got better than ever due to consistent use of the Leg Blaster for the past 25 years and lots of one legged and 2 legged extensions done once a week. I was unable to do more than one hour total aerobics a week due to a hip injury, but it is now healing thanks to Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy which is explained in this issue. Here’s the contents:

1. My Peak at Age 65 — How Frank got in the best shape of his life in recent times.

2. The 4 Levels of the Aging Process: The Role of Voluntary Controls by Ed Kellogg, PhD: how the mind can control the body.

3. The Life of Sri Chinmoy — Spiritual Leader recently passed away.

4. Pulsed Magnetic Fields — Are the effects of treatment too good to be true?

5. Mr. Olympia 2007 report from two different perspectives — Monsters continue to rule as Jay Cutler wins a second time.

6. Failure is Not an Option — Why it’s best not to train to failure.

7. Bodybuilding and Functional Training –It’s benefits and why you might want to include it in your training by John Burris, neuro-muscular tFrank Zane back cover Winter 2007herapist.

8. Marathon — Want to do it? Is it good for you? Walking versus running.

9. Muscle Wasting and the Metabolic Syndrome Plague by Ken O’Neill — some interesting and scary facts about losing lean muscle tissue as you age and how to prevent it.

10. Frankly Speaking — I’m shooting for end of March to have my new training manual on how to develop great muscular definition: the training, supplements, recipes.

Building the Body: 2008 – Spring

1. The Arnold Expo 2008 was the best ever. Find out why.

2. Javad Aghaloo trained under Frank’s supervision this past year and made amazing progress. Learn how he did it.

3. How Can I Help You? — Rely on Frank’s experience and save years of trial and error in your training.

4. New! High Def Handbook: How to eat and exercise for maximum definition.

5. Michelle Hemingway, M.D. completed a Zane Experience training program in 2007 — see her amazing progress only 6 months later.

6. Is It Inevitable? Some of Hollywood’s celebrities have really gotten out of shape with age. What can one do about it?

7. Getting Small — The world’s smallest bodybuilder is a mere 20 pounds and is training vigorously.

8. Personal Progress is about how Frank has been training lately to stay in shape at age 65.

9. Enlightenment and the Body of Light is a fascinating article by John White about the goal of human evolution.

10. Hybrid Training by Sensei Ken O’Neill tells why it is wise to include functional training in your workout regimen.

11. The Past is Past — a common sense approach about why not to worry about the past because it doesn’t exist anymore.

12. Frankly Speaking — Frank tells about future plans and projects.

Building the Body: 2008 – Summer

1. What’s Up — The state of Frank’s training the last 6 months, some new training techniques.

2. No Injuries Please — How to avoid and heal them.

3. Get a Grip — Learn the safest most effective way to hold your weights.

4. The 9 to 5 Sequence — This novel way of arranging workouts is great for maintenance training, recuperation, and building strength.

5. HgH and Longevity — Does human growth hormone help people live longer?

6. David Slinkard — This Zane Experience client made great progress in six months of regular workouts.

7. Bilateral Beat Frequencies — Frank developed this powerful entrainment device to synchronize the body’s resonant systems using two Soloflex whole body vibration platforms, a Porchboard and bass guitar amplifier — check it out.

8. The Mind in Bodybuilding is the new course I’m writing which details all the ways to train your brain to better develop your body.

9. Cell Visualization — examines the cell of the human body and describes how our thoughts and actions effect biomolecular interactions.

10. Overhead Dumbbell Press — a great way to maximize deltoid development.

11. Mike Axe — made noticeable changes in his lat development using Frank’s front pulldown technique.

12. Intensity or Volume — What kind of training is best and when to do each.

13. In Search of the Miraculous — This book by P.D. Ouspensky elucidates the importance of self observation and working on oneself.

14. Frankly Speaking — details recent 2008 publicity of Frank’s training: January What is Enlightenment Magazine; June Iron Man Magazine; and soon to be released August Flex Magazine; September Men’s Health Magazine.

Building the Body: 2008 – Autumn

1. Getting the Most from Your Workouts is about how to allow for recuperation from training. If you don’t give yourself enough time you simply won’t grow muscle. I’ve found when you space your workouts according to the condition you are in and give yourself enough time to let soreness subside results are better.

2. Age Appropriate Training deals with how aging effects the intensity of your workouts. The maxim for age related training is train less frequently but harder as you get older. This is how I do it.

3. Minimal Diet for Maximum Muscularity is the theme in my newest course, High Def Handbook. Do you have extra body fat you’d like to eliminate? It’s best to eat fewer calories but make your diet as nutritionally dense as possible. Supplementation with free form amino acids and super foods like liver extract certainly helps.

4. Further Encounters with the Muse recounts a recent experience with the creative aspects of my Higher Self or Muse. The personal growth techniques I learned are very valuable, I’ve been applying them and problems have been transforming into happiness.

5. My Guitars and Mantra CD. Recently I built two guitars, a 6 string and bass guitar. I used them to record a special Mantra CD to listen to that crowds out negative thinking. It works! Building your body is about more than just lifting weights. Eliminating the energy drain imposed by doubt and worry conserves one’s vitality and sparks incentive to train harder.

6. Two Way Split Workout program is a great maintenance routine for those with limited time or coming off a layoff. It’s worked well for me and will for you too.

7. High Reps for Rehab is a new training technique I’ve incorporated into my workouts. Doing higher reps in the 20 to 40 range gives me a fantastic pump, heals injuries, makes my workouts go faster, and has increased my training motivation. You’ll want to try this if you’ve reached a sticking point in your training.

8. The Art of Posing by bodybuilding veteran Leo Stern, coach and photographer of Bill Pearl takes a look at the greatest posers of all time in this interesting retrospective piece.

9. Dexter Jackson wins Mr. Olympia! Finally a non-monstrous quality bodybuilder captures the top title. See the photos, read the comments.

10. Cell Visualization by Shiva Ayyadurai Ph. D. This systems biologist at MIT is a bodybuilder and Fulbright Scholar who gives techniques designed to stimulate muscle growth at the cellular level.

11. What Does it Feel Like to be a Healthy Human Being? A fascinating article by Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist Lane Sebring MD compares the vitality of indigenous people from the past with people today.

12. Frankly Speaking give me a chance to describe personal projects and experiences.

Building the Body: 2008 – Winter

Building the Body is published 4 times a year and gives a new slant on bodybuilding. It’s all about how to get the most from your training by having a holistic approach, paying attention to all aspects of your workouts, nutrition, attitude and recuperation. Unlike other bodybuilding mags that contain 75% advertising, it contains no paid advertising, just helpful information based on my personal experience and that of my clients.

Building the Body: 2009 – Spring

The Spring 2009 issue of Building the Body Quarterly Magazine has been published and is available by subscription. The covers are once again graced by the drawings of Ron Dunn and this issue is filled with photos of Frank at various stages of his career.

Articles include:

1. It’s wise to Specialize in the off season – After reaching a physical peak each year Frank asks himself “what still needs to improve in relation to the whole body”. In this way he was able to improve proportion, definition and overall development. Here’s his most recent training specialization program.

2. Focus on Your Back Side – Don’t ignore what you can’t see. Bodybuilding competitions are often decided on who has the best back, hamstring and calf development. Photographs of your back side will help you create a complete physique.

3. Arnold EXPO 2009 – Find out what went down in Columbus from the winners of the physique contest (as told by Jon Jon Park) to Frank’s gig with his band at the Columbus Ohio House of Crave. This year’s trade show was attended by over 170,000 people, the largest ever.

4. The Art of Ron Dunn – is also featured in the centerfold with drawings of Lee Labrada, Arnold, Ed Corney and Zane.

5. Kent Steele – is in great shape at age 69 because of his life long active lifestyle. Learn how he trains in this inspiring article.

6. Body Swap – What would it be like to inhabit a different body? Learn what scientists discovered.

7. The Size of Your Thighs – is vital to maintain your metabolism as you get older. Don’t fall victim to the “Aging American Male Syndrome” = toothpick thighs, flat butt, big belly. Here’s how to avoid it.

8. Frank Zane’s XYZ Supplement Perfection – is Frank’s new protein formula that is now available. This unique product is the result of many years of experimentation, there’s nothing like it.

9. Symmetry – Learn what this term actually means, doesn’t mean, and how to get it. There’s so much confusion as to what it is that Frank is writing a book about it.

10. The Rainbow Body – describes a phenomenon that has occurred throughout history (even recently) to meditation masters, where a body of a higher plane of energy is developed.

11. Frankly Speaking – Frank tells his views and what’s new

Building the Body: 2009 – Summer

The Summer 2009 issue of Building the Body Quarterly Magazine has been published. The cover is one of my all time favorites, taken by Christine 2 weeks before my third Mr. Olympia win in 1979 at a bodyweight of slightly under 200 pounds. This issue is filled with photos from that year which was my best condition ever.

Articles include:

1. 1979 Mr. Olympia Competition – What it was like, the training, the experience.

2. Another Way to Squat – This is how I’ve been squatting lately with the Leg Blaster. It puts all the work directly on the thighs.

3. The New Cory Berg – A Zane Experience client, see the changes he made with training and diet in just 5 short weeks.

4. Dumbbells – Are they the best way to train?.

5. The 33 healthiest Fruits and Vegetables – Here’s how they can benefit you.

6. Zane Nutrition – My current calorie restricted diet including supplements and how I’ve been using the new XYZ supplement perfection.

7. My Workouts – This is how I’ve modified my training to keep working out around a shoulder injury. Heed these words of caution.

8. The A.R.T. of Suffering – Active Release Therapy treatment every few weeks is helping me overcome soreness.

9. Transforming Profanity – How curse words can be the source of powerful positive affirmations. Plug energy leaks with this practice.

10. The 7 Levels of Man – Can we train and develop “bodies” beyond the physical?

11. Conversations with My Conscience – Words of wisdom obtained during deep meditation.

12. Frankly Speaking – The response to XYZ supplement perfection has been terrific.

Building the Body: 2009 – Autumn

The Autumn 2009 issue of Building the Body quarterly magazine is now published and it is a really special one. This publication is unique among physical culture magazines. Why? For starters it is not 3/4 paid advertising like most muscle magazines. I give recommendations based on personal experience. We do not depend on $$ from big food supplement companies for revenues so the truth gets published, not hype about what the champs are taking. Secondly, it contains articles by notables in the field of bodybuilding, nutrition, and mind science. It’s not just about big muscle but everything that is related to bodybuilding that will help you make progress. You will learn how to avoid disaster in your training as you get older, what to focus on, how to stay healthy and not get injured. The way many bodybuilders are training now will lead to pain and suffering in their later years. Why not learn from my experience?

This month’s cover is a fabulous drawing by artist Ron Dunn along with some photos of Frank you’ve never seen before. Each issue presents a diversity of tropics ranging from training, nutrition, cooking, meditation, dream work, visualization, positive attitude, affirmations, motivation and stress management techniques. Autumn issue contains articles by writers who are held in high esteem in their field, like Samir Bannout Mr. Olympia 1983 and John White a widely published author in the psychology of personal growth.

One Set – Here’s a great way to train for maximum pump and progress in a minimum of time. One set of each exercise with high reps done in a slow strict followed by a stretch between sets will make you more enthusiastic and insure you are not overtraining.

Leg Day – This is Frank’s current leg routine based on the one set system: leg extension, leg press, Leg Blaster squat, leg curl, hyperextension, donkey calf raise with stretching in between give a great lower body workout twice or even once a week.

Rest Between Reps – Getting all your reps finished in one set will give you the ultimate treatment necessary to adequately work a body part. Simply do as many continuous reps at once in good form, rest a few seconds and continue, resting as necessary until 20 to 30 reps are completed. Then stretch and walk around until breathing returns to near normal. Avoid redundancy and go right to your next exercise.

Acupressure Taping – is a great to use when you are injured and still want to train. This special taping technique relieves pain because it lifts the skin away from the muscle and helps improve circulation to the injured area. It also provides support and alignment.

Samir Bannout’s Views – Mr. Olympia owner of Bannout Nutrition in Woodland Hillls, California critiques the bodybuilding scene past and present and tells what he’d do to change it.

My Final Contest – was Mr. Olympia 1983 in Munich, Germany. Here’s how I trained and prepared. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, other times it’s like it never happened.

XYZ Recipes – our remarkable new food supplement XYZ Supplement Perfection is yielding delicious recipes. How nice it is to get superior nutrition from foods you can easily prepare yourself that taste good.

Ghost In Your Genes – Ed Kellogg PhD discusses how paying attention to your dream can give you messages about your health and well being. Dreams are the most spontaneous ‘behaviors’ we are capable of and are always trying to tell us something.

Jerry Parkingson Competes at 70 – After many years of weight training along with run

Building the Body: 2009 – Winter

In This Issue:

Frankly Speaking
Bodybuilding Longevity How long do bodybuilders live?
The Art of Peaking How to do it.
Get Waisted with this abdominal training program.
The Anatomy of a Set Reps, breath, mind, movement
Ultimate Workouts Frank’s new book available.
Seasonal Training for Longevity live like a tree
Clay Holmberg gets in shape.
Longevity and Higher Human Development
Get Smaller to Live Longer
1971 was a very good year.
Who is Ernest Eagleheart?
The HOME Zane Experience Email me your photos, We’ll talk on the phone, I’ll give you a total program.

Building the Body: 2010 – Spring

The Spring 2010 issue of Building the Body Quarterly is now available. It is filled with personal experiences and training tips that make for enlightening reading.

Contents Include:

1. The 2010 Arnold Expo was a big success with 200,000 people attending over the 3 day period March 5, 6, and 7th. Read all about the competition and all that went on at this milestone event.

2. My First Mr. Olympia was an interesting episode in my competitive career filled with hope, politics, and disappointment. Find out what went wrong in Essen, Germany 1972 and what I learned from the experience.

3. Diet and Supplementation gives procedures for optimizing your nutrition without adding unwanted calories. We’ve been getting lots of feedback and compliments from users of our new XYZ supplement perfection. Learn how you can benefit.

4. Sri Chinmoy and Me – I knew Sri Chinmoy for over 20 years and performed at several of the Harmony Concerts. He lifted up the world and me along with it. I tell about his feats of strength and endurance and how it motivated me to train harder with the right attitude.

5. My Favorite Back Workout from my training diaries is worth trying out and it’s detailed here as the first body part worked in my back, biceps, forearms routine. You can get a great back doing this routine.

6. Ernest Eagleheart and the Smoky Mirrors is a tale about the psychology of human perception. The defense mechanism of projection is in operation all the time. What can you do about it?

7. Frankly Speaking is about the benefits of Oregano oil and how it may tame inflammation by up to 85%. Because of it’s active ingredient carvacrol I seem to be noticing positive benefits.

Building the Body: 2010 – Summer

The summer 2010 issue of Building the Body quarterly has been published. It is printed with a sepia tone which suggests the content: The Golden Years of Bodybuilding:

Articles include:

1. Gold’s Gym was where bodybuilding was happening from the late 1960s through the 1970s. Here are some interesting training stories about the guys who trained there. Frank also recounts his experience and learning from the Legends of Bodybuilding: Arnold, Joe Weider, Bill Pearl, Reg Park, Larry Scott, Jack La Lanne, Vince Gironda.

2. A New Shoulder was what Frank received May 24th. His quick recovery has been remarkable and he’s back into regular training using light weights with Christine.

3. Frank’s Rehab program involves training five days a week in his private studio with Christine. Monday, Wednesday, Friday they work upper body and Tuesday and Saturday they do legs, with abs and aerobics at the end of each workout. Both are getting into really good shape just doing one set of each exercise.

4. Nutrition and Email gives interesting perspectives from readers and answers questions on the minds of many.

5. Karma, Reincarnation, and Evolution – John White introduces the vision of Sri Aurobindo: “Sooner or later the human will be transcended altogether into the Superhuman directly aware of the world around us. He will become master of Nature instead of it’s sleeping prisoner.” How is this possible?

6. Sri Chinmoy spent many years in Sri Aurobindo’s ashram in India and it is interesting to note the parallels in their teaching. The message and metaphors exemplify self transcendence.

7. Being Frank tells what is on the future horizon.

Building the Body: 2010 – Autumn

The Autumn 2010 issue Building the Body Quarterly has just been mailed to subscribers. I really like this issue, the first one to have color inside and outside full color covers. Printed on high gloss paper the quality of reproduction is superb.

Here’s what’s contained within:

1. It’s Good to Be Back – I’m back to regular training 4 months after surgery with a few restrictions (no overhead pressing or barbell exercises, mainly light to moderate dumbbells and machines.) Christine and I are training 4 or 5 times a week working upper body one day and legs the next.

2. Should you Deadlift? Drawing on my experience I relate how to safely employ top deadlifts to thicken and widen the back.

3. Robert Kennedy Improves – He writes his own story with before and after photos and tells how he packed on pounds of muscle.

4. Mr. Olympia 1980 – Here’s my take on what happened in the most controversial of all the Mr. Olympia competitions and what I learned.

5. Nutrition Q & A – Emails from readers pose interesting questions.

6. Mr. Olympia 2010 – Had a great time attending my first Mr. O in several years in Las Vegas, celebrated Joe Weider’s 90th birthday, all the Mr. Olympias were presented onstage, and it was a great expo at the convention center.

7. The Greek Gets Great – How Anthony Eliopulos (the Greek) trained to get into terrific shape.

8. Biceps Tendonopothy – Dr. James Phillips explains what it is and how to treat and avoid it.

9. Ernest Eagleheart on Cloud 9 – Ernest’s grandmother teaches him about the range of human emotions and how to feel better more often.

10. Dennis Tinerino – Lots of photos from the five years I competed with this great champion before his passing away, he is missed.

Building the Body: 2010 – Winter

The winter issue of Building the Body Quarterly Magazine has been published and is now being printed. We expect to do the mailing by the end of January. This issue features some of the best color photos I’ve ever taken. One week before the 1979 Mr. Olympia Christine captured my condition which might be my best shape ever. You can decide as these photos appear in full color on the front, back, and inside covers. With inside information about what really went down, this Winter issue makes for very interesting reading.

Articles Include:

1. Arnold – What’s he really like? I’ve known Arnold Schwarzenegger for over 40 years and have shared in some unique experiences. Read all about them

2. What do ya bench? How much bench pressing should you do? How should you do them? What’s the best use for this popular exercise?

3. Rest between Sets? How long you rest between sets depends upon what you are after. Want more definition? Rest less but it will affect your strength. Want more size? Rest longer so you can recover enough to use more weight on successive sets.

4. Jim Phillips’ 50 Year Old Body. After doing a Zane Experience program Jim got into the best shape of his life and won some contests. Read what it was like.

5. James Pencola – survived a devastating auto crash, spent months in a coma, learned to walk, talk, eat, move all over again, and is now a certified personal trainer.

6. Proportion – is the blending of all developed bodyparts into a pleasing overall picture. It’s what most people mistakenly refer to symmetry. Perfect proportion is a life long quest and is the most important physique goal a bodybuilder can have.

7. Q & A – We get lots of interesting email and here’s the best of it.

8. My Diet – Here’s my complete eating and supplement program comprising my current nutritional program and why I’m dieting this way.

9. The Lifetime Fitness Average – Master trainer Larry Kay explains why the fitness average taken over your whole lifetime is much more important than a few physical peaks reached in training for competitions.

10. The Zane Trainer – Starting this year I am teaching a new personal trainer certification program. It is the only program that offers one to one hands on instruction with me in my private San Diego gym. Completion of this course teaches you everything you need to know to help beginners make progress. You can be a Zane Trainer!

11. Mr. Olympia 1982 – Read all about what happened in London competing at my heaviest ever bodyweight. What could I have done better?

12. Feedback – Knowledge of results is essential for ongoing motivation. Photos are the best way to develop an awareness of what you look like so you can take the right steps to do something constructive about it.

13. Dreaming in Ernest – See if you can interpret this provocative dream. What does it all mean?

Building the Body: 2011 – Spring

In this edition:

1. Arnold Expo 2011 — in Columbus, Ohio was bigger than ever, read about what went on.

2. The Joy of Training Light — Not the best way to grow bigger muscles, nevertheless doing higher reps with lighter weights and slower negatives gets the blood pumping and tones the muscles and is the best way to ease back into regular more intensive training.

3. The Wrong Turn — Master trainer Larry Kay explains how bodybuilding ended up in it’s current position. It’s an interesting analysis.

4. High Def Body — is the title of my new book which combines and updates Zane Body Training Manual and High Def Handbook (both of these are going out of print as our supply is almost sold out).

5. Accelerate Healing of Injuries — by Larry Scott gives great advice on how to heal quickly based on the first Mr. Olympia’s training experience.

6. Love My Gym — I’ve built several gyms over the years, all under 1000 square feet, here’s the equipment and why I like my present gym best of all.

7. Philmont Scout Ranch — in Cimarron, New Mexico was where I became motivated to start weight training.

8. Weightlifting for Kids? — How old must a kid be to start weight training? New evidence suggests a younger beginning.

9. Being Jack La Lanne — His passing left big shoes to fill. I was enjoyed meeting and working with him. Here are some his favorite sayings.

10. Ernest Chants the Warrior Syllables — What are they and what’s the benefit of chanting?

11. Frankly Speaking — About to leave for Tribeca Film Festival, read the details in Summer issue coming out in July.

Building the Body: 2011 – Summer

In this edition:

1. Pilgrimage to Aspiration Ground — tells of Frank’s trip and musical performance in New York City.

2. Challenging Impossibility — is a film about the lifting exploits of Sri Chinmoy. Read about the reception at the Tribecca Film Festival..

3. Repetition — is the basis of learning tells about what kind of effect repetition has on your training results.

4. Is Selective Growth and Fat Reduction Possible? — It is to a certain extent. What is the extent?

5. The Diet for a Lifetime — deals with optimum way to take advantage of free form amino acid and protein supplementation to the diet to increase nutrient density.

6. High Def Body Frank’s newest book is being released September 15th. — Pre-order now and receive a color 8 x 10 autographed photo free!

7. Steven Langham — makes an amazing transformation as he pushes 70 years of age.

8. The Weider Museum — had its grand opening at the University of Texas in Austin. Many bodybuilding notables and strength athletes attended along with Joe and Betty Weider. The event was hosted by Jan and Terry Todd.

9. Overcoming Ice Cream Addiction — is possible when you substitute something even tastier in it’s place..

10. Dangers of Pro Hormone Use — t ain’t safe. Here’s why

11. Ernest Dreams about Waking Up — in the ongoing saga of the growth of Ernest Eagleheart.

12. Frankly Speaking — about upcoming goals and events.

Building the Body: 2011 – Autumn

In this edition:

1. The Workouts Challenge — Complete Frank’s year long program in the Workouts book and win another copy. Learn how.

2. How to Stay Motivated — Some of the ways Frank has used to keep training for over 50 years.

3. Sheer Effort — Almost a century ago psychologist William James wrote about the phenomenon of ‘second wind’. How do you get it?

4. The Aftermath — Here’s what you can expect after a proper workout.

5. How to Grow — Gaining muscular bodyweight requires you work the big bodyparts, especially thighs. The key to growth is squatting but you need to do it sayfely.

6. The Elbow — how to prevent injury and what to do to heal inner or outer elbow injury if it occurs.

7. E mail — Find answers to some of your own questions asked by others.

8. Vita Minz Plus is a new multiple formula supplement rich in anti-oxidants we’ve been using.

9. My Favorite Arm Workouts too place training for 1976 Mr. Olympia. Find out exactly how I did it.

10. Training with Mr. Olympia is the story of the remarkable improvement of Jesse Fernandez in only 8 weeks!

11. Reflections on the Golden Years includes some photos of the crew who trained at the original Golds Gym in the early 70s.

12. Know yourself — How do you think you look? Is it the same as others see you? Learn how different kinds of symmetry reflect self knowledge.

13. Rank Theory is about how depression evolved in society and signs of it in the outcomes of bodybuilding competitions.

14. 2011 Mr. Olympia Impressions — Phil Heath took the title and from what I can tell from the photos he’s the best Mr. O in a while.

15. My Workout — Here’s my exact workout routine as of late.

16. Frankly Speaking about past books and upcoming book on Symmetry.

17. Special Gift Offers for the holidays! – Check them out.

Building the Body: 2011 – Winter

In this edition:

1. My Kindle — If you don’t have an e reader think about getting one. I did several months ago and now I’m carrying around a library of my favorite 120 books. And we now have 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 issues of Building the Body available from Amazon as Kindle editions with Barnes and Noble Nook to follow.

2. An Interview — is one of the most accurate I’ve done, they got the facts right and you can read about it in this issue.

3. Kicking Back — is about the value of dumbbell kickbacks for shaping and defining the triceps and it’s value in healing elbow injuries.

4. Masters Mr. World — contest was held December 10th in Miami, Florida, I was there and it was no surprise that Dexter Jackson won the 100K first prize. Read all about it.

5. Emotion and Health — Recent research has found that heart focused, sincere, positive feeling states boost the immune system while negative emotions may suppress the immune response for up to six hours following and emotional experience.

6. The Success of Chad Brandt — Just by studying and following instructions in my High Def Body and Workouts books and DVD, Chad got in the best shape of his life. See his amazing progress photos.

7. Email about nutrition — Here’s what’s been working best for me and my clients.

8. New Zane Experience 2012 rates — This is a good year to do a 1, 2, or 3 day Zane Experience, rates have been lowered as an economic incentive.

9. The Psychology of Possibility — Learn how going to failure in your workouts can lead to learned helplessness: failure leads to pessimism which leads to depression. Here’s how to overcome this vicious cycle.

10. Advantages of 1, 2, 3 and 4 sets per exercise — is a valuable guide as to when you should do more sets. It works!

11. Crooked Calf Raises — by pointing toes in a specific direction you can work inner head of one calf and outer head of the other at the same time and change the shape of your calf development over time.

12. Body by Play — by Roshi Ken O’Neill is a fascinating exposition on how to experience the joy of training.

13. Frankly Speaking — Bodybuilder and photographer Bob Delmontique a long time friend, client, and advisor recently passed away at age 92. We will miss him.

Building the Body: 2012 – Spring

In this edition:

1. Arnold Expo 2012 — results of competitions and Frank’s impressions; it was a huge event.

2. Getting Back to Training — my progress and workouts to date.

3. Innovative Fitness Gear — discoveries made at the Arnold Expo; we’ve been using this stuff in our workouts.

4. Alumni Workouts — Now those who have done a Zane Experience program in the past can train with regular workouts. Learn how.

5. There’s Nothing Random About a Masterpiece — the value of traditional training explained by master trainer Larry Kay.

6. My eBook Reading List — Paper books are becoming a thing of the past. Here’s my libarary.

7. Email Questions and Answers — to the most interesting Emails.

8. Bodybuilding a Path to Enlightenment? — Or is it just about building big muscles?

9. Frankly Speaking — Here’s what I think.

Building the Body: 2012 – Summer

In this edition:

1. My Favorite Super Sets — describes the best combinations I’ve found for getting a fantastic pump.

2. Life’s a Beach — why I build my own beach.

3. The Amazing Progress of Kirk Steffke — he completely transformed his physique in less than one year!

4. Are You a Hard Gain? — There really is no such thing if you get feedback on your progress.

5. My 70th Birthday — Felt like my 69th birthday. Except that training is going much better.

6. Symmetry — My newest book will be published before the end of 2012.

7. Email — some cogent points brought up by readers.

8. Interesting Research — on genes, citrus extract, vitamin D, improving vision with stem cells, Tai Chi, obesity and cancer, dark chocolate and coffee benefits.

9. Leg Blaster and Pulley Squats — are the least injury prone ways to do this exercise.

10. Listening and Learning — via Dichotics and musical training.

11. Workout Songs — help establish motivational internal dialog and help you get psyched for your workout.

11. Bodybuilding and Yoga — an insightful interview with Frank where he explains the motivation underlying it all.

Building the Body: 2012 – Autumn

In this edition:

1. Mr. Olympia 2012 — was held the weekend of September 28th. The Olympia Expo ran Friday and Saturday at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mr. O. competition was won again by Phil Heath with Kai Green a close second.

2. Serratus & the Pullover — learn how I developed my serratus anterior (where the lats meet the ribcage) to add impressiveness to frontal arms overhead poses. This exercise is the one needed for developing the vacuum pose.

3. Weighted Linear Resistance Training — Why is it so effective? Because it combines weighted movements with latex bands to increase peak contraction and maximize time under tension. We’ve been getting a great pump on each set combining weights and cables in the same movement.

4. Time Symmetry — What’s that? It says there are no special moments in time, one moment is as good as any other. In terms of bodybuilding the goal for longevity is to adhere to time symmetry as closely as possible throughout one’s life. It’s about staying in the present moment and conserving energy.

5. Symmetry is Here! –My 224 page 300 photo plus book is now available. Order now and receive a FREE 8×10″ autographed photo with this insightful book.

6. Walking Long Distances — is something 72 year old Kent Steel does on a regular basis. It keeps him young!

7. Walking or Running? — Both are good, but one is easier for your feet, legs, and lower back. Guess which one?

8. Email: Heart & Sleep — Here are ways to calm yourself and sleep easy. Why is the heart so important in sleep?

9. Top & Romanian Deadlift — What are they and what are they good for? Who should do them? Master trainer Larry Kay tells all.

10. A Symmetry Excerpt — introduces the goals and methods of symmetry training. You need to know this.

11. How I Trained for Competition — Jessie Fernandez about his first competition since the 1980s. Glimpse his remarkable improvement.

11. Frankly Speaking

Building the Body: 2012 – Winter

In this edition:

1. Fernandez Rizing — See his amazing before and after photos and read his story.

2. The Calf Blaster — How many calf blocks does a gym need? At least two. How many do most gyms have? None. Now you can get Frank’s signature calf blaster with a special price if you own a Leg Blaster.

3. Calf Blasting Routine — Try this program using a minimum of equipment to develop great calves.

4. Secrets of a Small Muscular Waistline — Here is a program you can do to shrink your waistline and improve your abs.

5. Training Goals for 2013 — Here we go again. Learn what Frank plans to do with his body this year.

6. Sergio Oliva — passes away at age 71, he was one of a kind.

7. The Legend of Freddie Ortiz — whose greatness influenced FZ in the 1960s.

8. Spiritual Renewal in San Diego — Frank’s successful book signing and musical performance.

9. Climbing and Floating — Kirk learns how climbing develops calves and how floating deeply relaxes.

10. Training with a Lower Back Injury — Master trainer Larry Kay gives a back routine that enables you to improve back development without re-injury.

11. Think Fenugreek — We’ve been making practically miraculous gains from taking Fenugreek. What else does it do?

12. The Best Supplements — Here’s a list and description.

13. Frankly Speaking — Christine’s beautiful abstract watercolor paintings grace our outside rear and inside front covers.

Building the Body: 2013 – Spring

In this edition:

1. The 2013 Arnold Expo — in Columbus Ohio.
2. Letting Go — What ‘Letting Go’ really means and how it can help your training.
3. How to Relax — Learn how Frank dissolves muscular tension in a moment.
4. Super Foods — Here’s the best fruits and vegetable in order of excellence.
5. Nice Pecs — Programs Frank has used to better pec development.
6. Are You Amortal — It means pursuing a lifestyle that defies the process of ageing. Take this simple test and find out.
7. Joe Weider Memorial — April 14th was the Joe Weider memorial service in Santa Monica where Frank performed the tribute song he wrote for Joe.
8. Symmetry Through the Ages — tells how to stay symmetrical your whole life.
9. The Right Angle — is a V bar chin/dip/knee up attachment that fits into the Leg Blaster rack which, along with the Leg Blaster turn the unit into a Total Body Blaster.
10. Total Body Blaster Workout Routine — Here’s how to train your entire body on this unique space saving device.
11. Frankly Speaking

Building the Body: 2013 – Summer

In this edition:

1. Fart a Lot? — Eating fruit and simple sugars could be the culprit of your crepitation. Read ‘When To Eat Fruit’ and people may like you more.
2. Longevity — Seems to be enhanced through bodybuilding. Learn why bodybuilders live longer. Herare are the statistics
3. Dave Trabuco and His Twin Brother — First came to Zane Haven Palm Springs in the early 1980s, two skinny kids. Here’s what Dave looks like 30 years later.
4. What is Secondary Gain? — Why are we not satisfied enough with progress? What can you do about it?
5. Do Today’s Competitive Bodybuilders Have Too Much Muscle? — Is ‘There’s No Accounting For Taste’ a valid reason?
6. Frank Making a Comeback Again? — That’s tentatively the plan every year, but this year I’m planning to get in great shape. Here’s what I’m doing.
7. Frank Zane’s Symmetry — Is an Integlligent Review of my latest book Symmetry by Ken O’Brien, one of the best informed bodybuilders on the planet.
8. What is the Fibonacci Workout? — Is a workout using the numbers of nature’s growth sequence thee best way to train?
9. Hanging Kenee Up — Is my favorite ab execise. Here’s why.
10. Stretching — is what we do between sets.
11. Frankly Speaking

Building the Body: 2013 – Autumn

In this edition:

1. Autumn is Peaking Time – seasonal training is part of my yearly training cycle and even though I’ve long stop competing I still do my best to reach peak condition each autumn. My target date is the first week in December.
2. Pump and Circumstance explains how to get a pump, different kinds of pumps, and wy it is essential for progress.
3. Pumping Super Sets – A pump is a swell feeling in your muscles. Try these unique super sets for maximum effect.
4. Gaining Weight – Do not be in such a hurry to gain weight that you ruin your symmetry and proportions. Weight gained quickly goes primarily to big muscle groups like thighs, butt, pecs – all centrally located. Building mass to extremities like calves and forearms helps with a more aesthetic look.
5. How to Squat – Here’s how to make shapely gains without hurting yourself.
6. From Mice to Men is a psychologist observation of the modern male.
7. Protein or Amino Acids? How do they work and what’s the best to take?
8. Eat This – a recommendation for eating a nutrient dense diet.
9. What’s Anti-Aging? Is there such a thing? A prominent longevity scientist tells why there is.
10. Reliving the 70s – It was a glorious time and I’m using it to motivate my training in my 70s.
11. Why Use Light Weights? – It’s necessary some of the time, learn why and how.
12. Fernandez Updated – After training him for two years he’s made lots of progress and place second in his latest master’s competition.

Building the Body: 2013 – Winter

In this edition:

1. How to Grow — Gaining muscle size and body weight depends on stimulating the big muscles masses like thighs, glutes, and back. But if you get these areas too big you lose proportion. What to do?
2. The Let’s Grow training routine — is a preview of Frank’s two way split workout which is detailed in his upcoming book Let’s Grow. Get a head start by doing this result producing program now!
3. The Steve Clark story — from open heart surgery to bodybuilding champion Steve tells his story.
4. Fernandez Wins Trophy — on his second attempt at Masters Mr. Border States, Fernandez places second and impresses everyone with his definition and presentation.
5. Bodybuilding and Bermuda Shorts — What’s up with guys wearing pants down to their knees on stage to be judged as a complete physique? What about thighs? Read what we think.
6. AGES and Aging — AGES stands for advanced glycation end stages and its buildup in the body is related to accelerated aging changes and disease.
7. Get Lats and Serratus — Here’s how Frank did it and still does.
8. Frank Zane’s Egg White Perfection is now available – there’s nothing like this on the market!
9. Layoffs — Do you need them? When?
10. Interesting Email
11. Do Your Workouts Work? — How can you tell if you are doing what’s need to make progress?
12. L Glutamine — It’s my morning scene. Why you need to take it.
13. The Old Weaver — a fascinating tale about an old man’s enlightenment.
14. Frankly Speaking — What’s the Valentine’s Day Special?

Building the Body: 2014 – Autumn

In this edition:

1. Lee Labrada graces the covers of this issue along with fantastic photos inside of this great champion who should have won Mr. Olympia in the late 1980s. Now in his mid 50s and in shape comparable to his competitive years, Lee explains his motivation, current training and diet.

2. Fist Pump? Everyone’s heard of a fist bump, but what in the world is a fist pump? It’s Frank’s last resort to keep training under adversity. Find out how.

3. Randomized Routine is the ultimate in muscle confusion while still maintaining the semblance of a regular routine. Utilizing the three way split there is a way to keep your body guessing and improving by this workout plan.

4. Sulfur Bearing Amino Acids are methionine, cystine, and cysteine. They have important functions in the body such as building immunity and creating healthy skin and hair.

5. Breathe is about how Frank does breathing exercises to improve his endurance through breath control. This is important for mastering posing as well as stress management and deep relaxation. Find out how he does this by combining deep breathing with visualization.

6. Walking Lake Murray is what Frank, Christine and their dog Bob do almost every evening. A fast paced 45 minute walk is keeping them in great shape.

7. Intermittent Fasting is an enlightening article by Fred Duncan explaining how staying hungry longer is both good for you as well as a way to increase muscular definition.

8. Fernandez Fasting tells how my training partner used intermittent fasting eating one day to satisfaction and fasting the following day has helped him get in shape for an upcoming competition. You’ll find out how he did in the next issue.

9. Ralph Conan is a 78 year old bodybuilder who is enthusiastic and still at it. His resolve is motivation for those who feel they are too old to work out seriously.

10. Fishing for Turkey explains how Frank has modified the meat eating part of his diet by choosing food that don’t inhibit peristalsis.

11. Glycine Water is Frank’s latest innovation, i.e. to use Glycine as a sweetener. It is the simplest amino acid and the body uses it to make other aminos. It is present in large amounts in muscle tissue and taking it can insure against muscle loss. It is sweeter than other gluconeogenic aminos (alanine, glutamine, proline) and can help you eliminate artificial sweeteners.

12. Photochemical Nutrients are chemical compounds that occur in plants that have biological properties than nourish the body. We have a convenient method for insuring you get these essential nutrients.

13. New Workout Courses for digital download. Go to to get info on my latest Kindle courses for download to your tablet or laptop, they are Build Your Arms and Get Great Abs. Coming up are Build your Calves, Expand your chest, Develop Impressive Deltoids, Grow V Shaped Lats, Develop Your Thighs, and the Art of Posing.

Building the Body: 2014 – Winter

In this edition:

Draper’s Back — Dave describes how he used his favorite exercise to build his phenomenal back and Zane compares it to what worked best for him.

Muscles are Forever — is Draper’s article on his current training and it is one of the most entertaining pieces I’ve ever read.

The Bomber — is a song I wrote about a workout I had with Dave in the early 1970s.

Fernandez wins Contest — finally he takes the first place trophy on his third try. His story of persistence and dedication tells how he did it.

The Contest Thing — It’s getting ridiculous, on one hand men are attracted to wearing Bermuda shorts onstage in physique contests. They think better this than freaky muscle shows.

Freaky Muscle Shows — at the other extreme is walking flexing mountains of muscle beyond belief, a spectacle to be sure but who wants to look like that? Some people do but they aren’t reading this.

Building the Body — back issues are available and you can get these collectors items at a package discount.

Hunter Labrada — is carrying on the tradition and reputation established by his father Lee Labrada. With his genetics and coaching he’ll go far, read about how he got started and his training.

The Neutral Grip — means palms facing each other and when used in pulling (rowing, pulldown) movements helped me overcome elbow injury.

Around the World — is a dumbbell exercise I used in my earliest workouts to bring out my lat and chest development.

Under the Sentence of Rehab — is what I’ve been through the last few months following rotator cuff surgery, I’m making progress healing gradually.

Letters and Email — pose interesting questions and comments about training and sleeping.

Weighted Ab Work — is the best way to thicken and bring out the lower abs but be careful not to thicken the lateral obliques.

Mantra Meditation — offers power phrases which can facilitate desired motivational and relaxation benefits through high repetition.

Artificial Sweeteners — have been shown in recent research to raise blood sugar levels that can lead to obesity.

Nutrition for Healing — is all about my nutritional program of food and supplements to help me heal. It’s working!

Frankly Speaking — has a neat photo of one of Christine’s paintings and news about special prices to BTB subscribers on the fresh batch of Egg White Perfection just in from the lab.