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The Elements of Good Form

The better your form, the more shapely your muscles will develop. Each exercise you perform in your routine is meant to isolate a specific area. If you cheat and use loose form, the effect of the exercise be- comes more global and is spread over a wider area of the body. Doing cheating barbell curls can work your lower back and deltoids more than your biceps…

The Mind in BodyBuilding

  THE MIND IN BODYBUILDING Today, I’d like to share with you one small tip that makes a huge difference in your workout — FOCUS. Focus is the act of putting all your attention on one thing and keeping it there. Good focus is what is needed for successful workouts. Fixed attention is what is […]

Train Zane’s Way: Spread Your Lats

Want lats that other people can see from the front? Here’s how “the Chemist” got his. Check out this recent article from Muscle & Fitness Magazine…   by Frank Zane I did lots of bentover barbell rows while training for the Olympia in 1976. I’d start each workout with this exercise, working up heavy. This […]

The Growth Program, Then and Now – Frank Zane

The Growth Program, Then and Now – Frank Zane In 2013, I was interviewed about the specific workout plan I used when training for Mr. Olympia between 1976 and 1983 to add muscle mass.  In the article below, I take you though the steps I took along the way of my transformation and following that, […]

Frank Zane’s Tips for Massive Muscle Growth

Frank Zane’s Tips for Massive Muscle Growth Everybody wants to grow. Adolescents and teenagers would like to grow muscle and so do mature adults. They’d like to but don’t know how. I do from almost 60 years of continuous training and experimentation. My goal in training was to develop all parts of the body equally. […]