Train with Frank Zane himself in his personal training facility in Southern California. Choose one of the options below and follow the instructions to get started TODAY!

Want to get in the absolute best shape of your life? Fuel your success with Frank Zane’s 91 Day Wonder Body Jumpstart Training Session!

Designed to go hand in hand with Frank’s 91 Day Wonder Body Book, this one hour program is great for bodybuilders, personal trainers, or anyone striving to get fit.

In your one-on-one training session, Frank will go through his 91 Day Wonder Body Program with you and review the workouts, diet tips and mental techniques you need to help you achieve your goals.

NOTE: This program includes taking your “before” pictures with your own camera or phone. Please bring shorts or bathing suit for your photo. Also, purchase of the 91 Day Wonder Body Book is also required and can be purchased by clicking here.

Get ready to get in the best shape of your life with Frank Zane’s 91 Day Wonder Body Program!

One Hour Training $195.00

Personal Posing Seminar

You’ve worked hard to develop your physique. Now learn how to showcase your efforts with a 2-hour, one-on-one session with one of bodybuilding’s best posers. You’ll learn to highlight your strong points while minimizing your weaknesses, hit the mandatory poses with confidence, and develop a winning posing routine for your contest.

Watch Frank consulting with IFBB Men’s Physique Pro champion, Sadik Hadzovic.

$350 per 2-hour session

Quick Zane Experience

The Quick Zane Experience is a one-day program lasting 3 hours. It can be scheduled any day and the object is to give you a weight training and nutritional program suited for your needs and aspirations. It is geared for beginners or intermediates. Photo analysis is not included, but Frank will take your photos with your own camera if you wish.

The best preparation for your Zane Experience is to read Symmetry, High Def Body, and Let’s Grow and formulate questions.

$495 ($395 per person if you bring a friend.)

2-Day Intermediate Program

The 2-Day Intermediate Program spans two consecutive days (3 hours per session). Frank instructs you in the Two-Way Split Routine. It’s a great program for those with limited time who want a superior routine to keep in shape with an effective workout and nutritional guidance.

  • Day 1: Take “Before photos; train upper body.
  • Day 2: Review photos and see what’s possible for you to develop in the future;  train legs and waistline.

The best preparation for your Zane Experience is to read Symmetry, High Def Body, and Let’s Grow and formulate questions.

$995 ($895 per person when you bring a friend; two-person sessions lasts 3.5 hours.)

3-Day Advanced Zane Experience

This is the advanced program in which Frank personally instructs you in his 3-way split routine. Photo analysis is done the first day followed by ideal body visualization with your CD the next day. All exercises and stretches are covered over a 3-day period totaling 10 hours.

  • Day 1: Train back, biceps & forearms.
  • Day 2: Train Thighs, Calves, and Abs.
  • Day 3: Train Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.

The best preparation for your Zane Experience is to read Symmetry, High Def Body, and Let’s Grow and formulate questions.

$1,495 ($1395 per person if you bring a friend.)

Advanced 4-Day Program

This advanced program is for bodybuilders wishing to improve posing for physique competition or to become personal trainers. You choose the track to pursue. It is a 12-hour private program one-on-one with Frank lasting four days (3 hours each day):

  • Wednesday: Take “before” photos; back, biceps, forearms workout.
  • Thursday: Photo evaluation; aerobics; abdominals; posing competition track or personal training instructor track.
  • Friday: Ab, thigh, calf workout; nutritional instruction.
  • Saturday: Chest, shoulder, triceps workout. Before & “after” photos provided on a CD. If you are on the Physique Competition track you’ll get another CD with posing music. If you are on the Personal Trainer track you’ll get the Trainer Certificate.

You get to work out with Frank, practicing correct form on your movements and experiencing how it feels to train like a champion. With the Physique Competition track, you’ll learn how to win with your posing and use your CD as a visualization exercise. In the Personal Trainer track, you’ll get hands on experience for training men and women of all fitness levels.

The best preparation for your Zane Experience is to read Symmetry, High Def Body, and Let’s Grow and formulate questions.

$1,995 ($1,895 per person if you bring a friend; the two person program lasts 3.5 hours each day.)

Phone Consultation

Get the insight of a Zane Experience without leaving home. Click here for more details or order your consultation below.

$95 per hour

A satisfied customer…

“A couple years ago, I decided to try to add muscle to my normally lean frame. After working out successfully on my own for a while, I decided to seek advice on ways to improve my physique. One person came to mind, the bodybuilder I had admired most and whom I wanted to emulate since I was a teenager, the great Frank Zane. I signed aboard for your phone consultation, being as I live in Mobile, Alabama. I sent in photos and eagerly awaited to speak with you. Boy, was this the best move I could have made!

I marveled at how your extensive knowledge of training the body was applied directly to me and my needs. You recognized areas of my body that I could improve and gave me specifics about how to do it. People should know that you did not give me a generic spill on exercise. No! We were talking specifically about me and my body’s needs. You shared what exercises I was doing, as well as, what exercises I was neglecting, simply by my photos. I was blown away when you told me I was pausing for a 2 count at the bottom of my lat pulldown exercises. How did you know that by merely looking at my rear double bicep pose? When I shared my training split you replied with, “You have lower back problems, don’t you?”. Wow! It just so happened that I had just started seeing a doctor the week before about that same problem.

Needless to say, advice from a genius has paid off. I dove whole heartily into the info I got from talking with you and from your books. I have not strayed from your philosophy on muscle growth and nutrition and the results have been extremely pleasing to me. You shared how to grow my lagging body parts with shape and symmetry. Guess what? They are growing! One conversation with you was more info for me than several workouts with a coach. I want to encourage everyone interested in growing muscles in a symmetrical and proportional way to get advice from the man with the most inspiring physique in history, Frank Zane. My next goal is to partake in a Zane Experience and actually train with a legend of bodybuilding.

Thanks, Mr. Zane for all the help!”

~ Lane Jones