Frank Zane's Egg White Perfection

Two scoops (50 grams) of my delicious Egg White Perfection has no fat or cholesterol, trace of carbs, only 150 calories and provides 36 grams of highest quality pure protein. This makes it easy to get an ample amount of protein in your diet for growing and maintaining lean muscle mass while minimizing carbohydrates, fats and calories.

My Egg White Perfection formula contains L-Glutamine in free form to fuel brain and body, boost immune system*, plus digestive enzymes papain and bromelin, sunflower lecithin, vanilla flavors and sweetening (stevia). It is flavor engineered to enhance the taste and mix easily with your favorite liquid in seconds. My formula with all FDA approved ingredients including free form L-Glutamine, helps me train harder and feel my best. For a quick protein fix pour 8 ounces of juice in a shaker, add one scoop of protein, and shake for 10 seconds. As a delicious dessert take ten strawberries, add yogurt, two scoops of protein, mix with a spoon, add handful of walnuts, and eat. Or sprinkle on top of freshly cooked oatmeal and sweeten with agave. My secret of great muscle tone and definition is to maintain an optimum protein to carbohydrate ratio while you keep fats in check.

You can do it too!

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