Frank Zane's Leg Blaster

Forged from heavy 11 gauge steel, the Leg Blaster (U.S. Patent #4986536) gives you the benefit of all versions of squatting while reducing stress on lower back and knees: full or parallel squat, front squat, hacks, sissy squat, plus standing calf raises, even lunges.

Squatting is the best exercise for developing the thighs and building lower body strength. But aside from the pain of holding the barbell on your shoulders, heavy squatting is hard on the knees and lower back and will enlarge the buttocks and waist. Now it is possible to develop your legs without having to endure the discomfort of barbell squats.

The harness fits over your shoulders, weighs 25 pounds, is comfortably padded at body contact points, 43 inches long from tip to tip and has a stabilizing latch for easy connection to the rack, preventing tipping while loading with either regular or Olympic plates (not included). The side weight bearing arms of the harness angle downward giving you a lower center of gravity, making it easier on knees and low back. You'll find it safer and more enjoyable to build, shape and define your legs.

The Leg Blaster rack holds the harness while you load it.

The harness is engineered to hug your ribcage when you squat with your upper body in an erect position, making it unnecessary to use a lot of weight to get to get results. Even though the unit is very strong, it is not necessary (or possible) to use much over 200 pounds when squatting in this fashion. The best I've done is 10 reps with 180 pounds. I've been squatting exclusively with it for over 20 years.

Your hands are free while squatting so you hold on to the balance bar to prevent unbalanced crooked reps. You stand on the secure footplate, making the rack entirely free standing and there is no need to bolt it to the floor. It's compact size (32 by 42 inches) allows you to fit it into the most crowded gym.

And it's easy to put together, there are only 3 bolts to attach: Using two 3/4 inch wrenches, first attach the balance bar in the lower hole if your are shorter, or the upper hole if you are taller than 5 foot 9 inches. Next, slide the vertical member over the rear vertical tube, insert the two bolts and tighten. Put the end caps on the rack, load it up and it's ready to use!

It's great for calf raises too. You will not find a better way to squat or do standing calf raises.


1) First place your feet near or at the front of the footplate.
2) Then duck under the harness and with hands going over the top of the rack, grab the balance bar and lift the harness straight up out of the slot.
3) Let your arms straighten out so your upper body is leaning back slightly with the harness pressing against your ribcage.
4) Keep the harness resting on your ribcage as you slowly descend into a full squat position while keeping upper body erect.

THE HARNESS SHOULD NOT TOUCH THE TOPS OF YOUR THIGHS IN THE LOW POSITION. Do not bend forward or stick your butt out as is customary in regular barbell squatting. It's best to start with a light weight and increase the weight each set. My current workout is 125 x 12, 140 x 10, 150 x 8 reps.

Calf Raises



Squat safely and effectively with the Leg Blaster
Dips using the "Right Angle" attachment (sold seperately)
Standing calf-raises using the "Frank Zane Signature Calf Blaster" (sold seperately)


"I want you to know how much I am enjoying the Leg Blaster. After knee surgery years ago, I found myself unable to do conventional barbell squats. I've made tremendous strength gains in the past few months using the Leg Blaster as part of my recovery. The added safety of being able to support myself with the balance bar is great for me since I work out alone. My wife is also using the Leg Blaster and loves it. She has had back problems in the past, but no more with the Leg Blaster. Thanks for a great product."

"After training with the Leg Blaster several weeks I am very pleased with its performance. The advantages that I see with the Leg Blaster over the barbell in doing squats and calf raises are: 1. I am experiencing less strain in my lower back when doing squats. I am a tall person with thin hips (6' 2", 193 pounds). I've noticed that when I perform my heaviest work sets with the traditional barbell I have some trouble keeping my back straight and not leaning forward. I make a conscious effort to watch my form but the heavy weight makes it difficult to not lean forward when I am coming out of the squatting position. This was placing some strain on my lower back. The Leg Blaster has allowed me to resolve this problem due to the method in which the weight is distributed. 2. I find it easier to go deep with the Leg Blaster versus the barbell and get a great pump in my thighs. 3. The balance bar on the Leg Blaster rack assists me with keeping my balance. I am careful not to use the bar to pull myself up when coming out of the deep squatting position, eliminating cheating. Also the bar can serve as a "spotter" if I were struggling to come out of the squat into the upright position. 4. I like doing standing calf raises with the Leg Blaster as opposed to the barbell. I am able to keep my balance with the Leg Blaster better than with a barbell, especially when using a calf block. Overall, I am most satisfied with the purchase. Also, I believe that I should be able to squat many years into the future without the concern for lower back stress."

"Rarely have I been as pleased with a product as I am with your Leg Blaster. it is all you claimed it to be and, after 5 months my only problem seems to be finding a time when others in the family are not using it."

"Just a word about how much I like the Leg Blaster that I recently purchased. I am 67 years old and have been weight training for 50 years. For the past few years, I have hated to do squats and have noticed a real weakening of my legs. I was apprehensive about purchasing a Leg Blaster without actually seeing one, but after using it a few times I am very pleased. I actually look forward to doing squats now because they don't hurt my knees or back using the Leg Blaster and I'm sure I will continue the exercise as my legs continue to regain their strength. Thank you for this innovative piece of exercise equipment."


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