The Frank Zane Signature Calf Blaster

How many calf raise block do can you find in most gyms? None. How many calf block does a good size gym need? At least two. So there you have one of the simplest but most sorely missed pieces of gym equipment. To fill this need we've decided to start making my Signature Calf Blaster. Fashioned out of Douglas Fir, mahogany stained and finished with tung oil this baby looks like a piece of fine furniture. Not only does it look great, it works great too. There's a good 5 inch rise from the floor affording a maximum stretch for lower calves and tibialis development. And the non skid strip deters your feet from slipping during a set.

Want better developed calves? First step is to get a Calf Blaster, here's the deal: $110 plus shipping. It's like adding a fine piece of functional furniture to your gym.



Using the Leg Blaster, Fernandez demonstrates a standing calf raise.
A closer look at the calves he's develop using the Calf Blaster.
The non-skid strip keeps your feet where you place them.
Douglas Fir, mahogany stained, and finished with tung oil!
Attach a latex cable for the added effect of weighted linear resistance.


The Frank Zane Signature Calf Blaster is $110 + $35 SH (CA residents add sales tax).

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