The Mind in Bodybuilding

The Mind in Body Building is about how to use your mind to improve your body and your life. It contains many personal growth techniques: how to meditate, different ways to evoke the Relaxation Response, selecting and using positive affirmations, dream work, visualization to enhance body image and behavioral change, high tech mind building entrainment methods such as light sound machines, dichotic audio recordings, acoustic vibration, pulsed magnetic field therapy, brain hemisphere balancing, developing peripheral vision, motivation, peak performance and stress management techniques and much more. Metaphors for growth instill the desire and motivation for self improvement at a subconscious level. The drawings of Christine Zane accompanying the text should be contemplated, for they convey a special meaning and bring home the self improvement message. The Mind in Body Building could be the missing ingredient in your training.

In his two prior publications, the Zane Body Training Manual and High Def Handbook, Frank spells out the details of exercise programs and nutrition. But body building is about more than lifting weights and eating right. It all starts with the mind. This fascinating work completes the ultimate body building trilogy.

What His Peers Say...

Dave Draper Mr. America, Mr. Universe

The body, the mind, the spirit, should one train long enough and with focus and devotion, become wonderfully entwined. They develop separately at first, and as time continues, they develop together. Ultimately the three are one. Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe and my enduring training partner, Frank Zane, life-long muscle, mind and soul traveler, takes you on instructional road trips to share his earnest journey. Sit, fly, vanish, reappear, delight, learn, and grow.

Steve Vai Guitarist/ Composer

Besides possessing quite arguably the finest physique of any human in history, Frank Zane is insightfully gifted on skin deeper levels. For over 20 years I have followed his career with great interest and have been inspired by his commitment and universal approach to personal and physical growth through the mind/body connection. His techniques can help anyone in channeling the mind to improve not only the body but the quality of life.

John Balik Publisher Iron Man Magazine

Frank Zane is much more than just a Mr. Olympia, he has been a teacher and lifelong student of nutrition, exercise, and the mind. This unique combination of education, experience and accomplishments makes his latest book, The Mind in Body Building a must read for anyone interested in optimizing body and mind.


"As I write this, I am into my second reading of The Mind In Bodybuilding. This turned out to be more than what I expected, which was just the basic self visualization and self affirmation you read about in every motivational text, though those are aspects of it. Frank Zane (and others, who have chapters in this) goes into more depth about meditation, mind training and stimulation, influencing the subconscious for accomplishment on the physical plane and more. Some of this is, quite frankly, a bit difficult to understand at first, but that may be its virtue, that it delves deeper than other texts with similar goals. I give it 5 stars for the guy who is serious about this subject." - D. Jester
"I have always been a fan of Frank Zane, after reading this I understand more why. I have always believed that most things are life are more than 50% mental and Mr. Zane puts that into perspective." - Derek R. Gibson

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