The Importance of Amino Acids and Protein in Building Muscle

Recently I sat down with my Science Editor Lou Roehn to discuss the benefits of my Super Nutrition Kit and why I feel that the combination EGG WHITE PERFECTION PROTEIN POWDER, SUPER SPORTS AMINO ACID COMPLEX and VITA-MINZ PLUS is the healthiest choice for building muscle.  Below is that interview and I hope you find […]


Frank Zane’s Mind Muscle Meditation Machine

Deep relaxation which leads to recuperation from workouts is the most neglected factor of the bodybuilding equation. Many do not realize that the body only grows during complete rest. This happens in sleep, especially the first four hours. I tack on another one or two hours to this during the night and then do a […]


How to Pose like a Pro – Top Tips from Frank Zane, 3X Mr. Olympia

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with the Science Editor of my Building the Body Quarterly Magazine, Lou Roehn, to talk about how Bodybuilding competitors and Physique competitors can take their posing to the next level. Here is that interview. I hope it you gives you some insight and inspiration! FZ Lou Roehn: […]


RARE VIDEO of Frank Zane Training Client in his San Diego Studio

  RARE VIDEO of Frank Zane, 3x Mr. Olympia, training Physique Competitor, Sadik Hadzovic in his San Diego training studio:


Frank Zane’s “Bodybuilding: From Womb to Tomb” Body Transformation Seminar

I am excited to announce that I am going to be the Guest of Honor at the Mr. America® 2016 All American Sports Festival™ at Six Flags® America (outside of Washington D.C.), which is going to be held on July 1st and 2nd, 2016. In addition, I will be delivering a very special seminar on […]